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Hi, welcome to all new members! Have a great stay here ^^

Quote originally posted by AquaFin:
I think its 5 Pokemon : Nidorina --> Nidoqueen( Moon Stone?) Nidorino--> Nidoking ( Moon Stone?) Gloom--> Vileplume( Leaf stone ), Roselia --> Roserade ( Shiny stone)
Weepinbell --> Victreebell (Leaf stone ) And I'm not sure if you would count this one Gloom into Bellosom by Sun stone.
Yup, that's right! Which is your favourite of those? :D Mine's Roserade, love it <3

Quote originally posted by miltankRancher:
hi there curious! everytime I look at gulpin, i can;t help thinking bout..

YES HAHA. I agree with this completely! I think its the eyes D: And lips. xD But it can be cute!

Let's have a new topic and trivia...

New topic: 'Which is your favourite of the mono-poison type 'blob' families?'

Basically this includes Grimer/Muk, Gulpin/Swalot and Trubbish/Garbodor ^^ Personally my favourites and Grimer & Muk because Grimer is such an awesome Pokemon in almost every way, and then Muk makes up for Grimer's weaknesses by being kick-ass good in battle! Garbodor is also quite a strong contender for me, but its stats and moves just aren't good enough. D: