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Name (First, Middle-optional and Last): Dominique Rousseau

Nickname (Optional):

Age (10-15): 13

Gender (Male or Female): Male

Dorm (Raikou Dorm, Entei Dorm or Suicune Dorm): Suicune

Appearance (A picture can be provided instead of a description if you so wish): Click Here

Personality (How does your character act and react to others? Their mental state? Flaws and/or personal weaknesses?): To summarize Dominique's character in the best way possible would be with the word odd. Dominique is a social butterfly. The boy loves to surround himself with people if only not to feel so isolated. Often times the boy will randomly switch subjects mid-conversation, jumping from one train of though to another and sometimes getting ran over by a train of thought. The boy is prone to dramatic freakouts if someone says something about him which he takes as an insult. Most of the time, the young teen is confident in his abilities but he can never quite shake that feeling that he's all alone in the world.

History (Where did your character grow up? Who did they grow up with? What have the been doing before this? Any noteworthy events? What brought them to the academy?): Dominique lived most of his life in an orphanage. From ages three to ten, Dominique grew up in a orphanage. The memory of his biological parents is mainly composed of a blur of images and sounds. The things that he can remember is a shiny object being held up, a woman screaming, and crying. The boy grew to be very depressed in the orphanage. Nobody seemed to want to adopt him. Many times he would wonder what was wrong with him. Was it the massive scar on his eye hidden by an eye patch? Similar musings like that continued up till his tenth birthday. that was the day that he was finally adopted. The man who adopted him seemed to be in his late forties. Dominique never asked himself why his father adopted him since he was just happy. The young boy quickly grew to love his father and his Lucario. On the Dominique's eleventh birthday, his father gave him a Riolu which had recently been born. Dominique loved his Riolu and trained with Riolu almost every day. This sparked a desire within him to became a great Pokemon Trainer. Dominique's father sent him to the Pokemon Trainer Academy to help him achieve that goal on his thirteenth birthday.

Pokémon (Maximum of 3. No legendaries, 'shiny' or stage 3 pokémon. Oddly colored but not specifically 'shiny' pokemon are allowed, however.):
Species: Riolu
Nickname(Optional): Ryo
Personality (Can be as short or long as you want, but cannot be excessively vague): Ryo is a hyper little thing. The baby Pokemon is extremely loyal to his Trainer. Ryo desires to become stronger so he can help his trainer reach his goal.
Lvl(Max 20): 17
Moves(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed): Swords Dance, Sky Uppercut, Foresight, Quick Attack, Force Palm, and Brick Break

Species: Zorua
Nickname(Optional): Zu
Personality (Can be as short or long as you want, but cannot be excessively vague): Zu is a rather lazy Pokemon with a zeal for pranks. It uses it's power of illusions to prank well.
Lvl(Max 20): 15
Moves(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed):
Swords Dance, Extrasensory, Aerial Ace, Fake Tears, Dark Pulse, and Fury Swipes

What do you think?

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