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Quote originally posted by droomph:
Well...I couldn't tell you the many times I had to pull up a certain guy's scripting reference and scroll through to find trainerbattle. It gets annoying after a while.

Oh well, I'll just get of mah BUTT and learn VB so I can make a plugin.

I dunno why would PM'd me the BL bit, but yeah, this will read that properly.
Quote originally posted by Full Metal:

> VisualBasic
Don't waste your time. It's definitely considered out-dated. ( I'm sure most people can agree on this. ) If you're going to learn anything, learn C#, Python, and or SQL. I myself use C++, as well.

And call me crazy, but I'm fairly certain this is what he was meaning as far as templates are concerned.

Not what I meant by templates either.
Quote originally posted by war rock exe:
Templates would also work to , but i do have a question: how is your script editor\creator going to be different from the others?
It will have my name all over it. And it will probably be faster. And hopefully easier to use.
Quote originally posted by tinix:
Actually you are not 100% right when stating that VB is outdated. VB6 is outdated but VB.NET(2005+) isnt and runs on .NET just like C#. As for the templates I think he means Visual Studio like ones, because C++ templates are really unneeded in scripting.
Quote originally posted by Full Metal:
Well, that is what I meant about VB... xD
Obviously VB.NET isn't outdated, considering there are still new versions of it being released.
And you could be right, but it was just a guess. :o
Quote originally posted by TheOrangePichu:
I think someone already said it, but a flag finder would be cool.
No. Just no. No.
Quote originally posted by agentgeo:
Not sure if you already have this planned or not, but support for expanded ROMs.
Of course. All GBA hacking tools released nowadays should support 32MB ROMs.

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