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Originally Posted by psyanic View Post
As writers, we all start somewhere. Some people start lower than others, while other people begin at a higher level. But we're all writers and we improve gradually. So have you noticed yourself improve as a writer? Have you read any of your past works and thought to yourself, "Man, I seriously wrote this?"

Funny you should ask because I was just looking over my 1st fan fic. I was a bit disturbed in the first chapter. Well it sucked in my opinion, It is not as good as I wanted it to be *sigh*

Aside from others who literailly pull you into thier fan fics in the first paragraphs. The problem I keep thinking of, is posting it on PC. Once readers get a general sense of:

"yeah, your fan fics left a bad taste in my mouth so I won't give you a second chance and read you later works."

I mean not everybody is going to follow you and watch you grow.

I was reading the thread
"things we hate seeing in fan fics" and it just shot me down. Especially I didn't even know the definition of "Mary Sue" before I was autually purposely aiming for that..Oops..Thinking is to have the main character get all the babes, lol.

For now I have grown, in common sense at least.
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