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Originally Posted by Tsukimaru View Post
GUYS, I NEED URGENT HELP!!! :( i`m stucked in the part of FL exporting midi :(
i did all as it say, but the file doesnt export with all the extra sound effects, it just export the original midi, and im about to rip my hair because i`ve tried everything!!! :S the song im trying to export is from Castelvania: Dawn of Sorrow, the battle theme when you fight Dimitri (i really dont expect that all of u stand what i mean, no offense), but the point is that im getting pissed at trying :( plsss help meeee... T-T
That's what it's supposed to do. The patch numbers will match up with values in the soundbank file in the DS rom and it will sound like it did in FL Studio once you insert it.
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