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Quote originally posted by Jolteon*:
Can you cml for 10Jahre charizard?
I didn't see anything I wanted, sorry
Quote originally posted by xxashxx:
Ah sorry it is so long XD. If you want 4th gen events please let me know so I can get them cloned and transferred tomy White version. Unless you can trade on 4th gen then we can trade as usual and then we transfer your events onto White afterwards or something. Otherwise this is going to be a long trade. Hope you can trade on 4th gen again XD.
I can still trade with 4th gen "
Quote originally posted by Psypoke:
Wow that's quite the list of Pokémon you have! I was looking at them and I was interested in the following:
UT Shiny Vulpix lv. 1 (JPN/DW ability)
UT Shiny Axew lv. 30
UT Adamant Shiny Tepig lv. 1 Nearly Flawless

I have a couple of different things to offer, and I hope we can work out a deal! I can offer the following:
Movie 14 Victini Lv. 50
-Timid Nature
-OT: Movie14
-ID No. 12031

Toys "R" Us Zoroark Lv. 50
-Quirky Nature
-ID No. 09161

World Championship 2011 Scrafty Lv. 50
-Brave Nature
-ID No. 08141

GameStop Suicune Lv. 30
-Relaxed Nature
-ID No. 01311

GameStop Entei Lv. 30
-Adamant Nature
-ID No. 01171

GameStop Raikou Lv. 30
-Rash Nature
-ID No. 01031

Let me know if you're interested in any of these, or any other way we can work out a deal. Thanks!
I already have those...
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