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Just beat Fuchsia Gym, Solo'd with Lapras

Charizard (Flame) Lv40:
-Wing Attack
-Metal Claw
Primeape (Punch) Lv39:
-Mega Punch
-Aerial Ace
-Brick Break
-Cross Chop
Sandslash (Dust-Storm) Lv39:
-Rock Slide
Jolteon (Vee) Lv39:
-Shock Wave
-Pin Missile
-Double Kick
-Quick Attack
Dragonair (Eternity) Lv39:
-Thunder Wave
-Dragon Rage
Lapras (Screw SOPA) Lv38:
-Water Pulse
-Body Slam
-Ice Beam

Screw SOPA is a Boss. Partly because he's strong and partly because It shows how much SOPA Sucks.

Johto - Rising Badge - 24/01/16

[Current Monotype Challenge]

Kanto 8/8, Johto 8/16, Hoenn 0/8, Sinnoh 0/8, Unova 0/8, Unova2 0/8, Kalos 0/8
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