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Originally Posted by titiy View Post
Yeah I mixed a lot of things. I have one big tileset with resources from all over the place+ some of my own. I'm probably gonna Get it all fixed once the demo is done.

I shall save them as PNG from now on

Yeah I've been experimenting with lighting effects so that's why it's not that good yet lol.

I'll keep working on it and hopefuly it'll end up being something good
One thing I have picked up on as far as lighting is concerned, it is hard to pull off. Garnet get's away with it because the tone matches the atmosphere and is subtle enough not to be distracting but visible enough to have appeal.

Lighting effects are also something that I personally think should be avoided for the most part. It is one thing to use them in special areas, but over using them can kill the unique feel for special areas if the player has lighting effects everywhere they go.

Looks a lot more natural and interesting than...

Limiting lighting effects to special areas also keeps a high level of interest in exploring the area for those keeping an eye on your game. It leaves them feeling just that; special.

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