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For me it was;

Gen I - Koga (Mainly fr/lg) Erika had like level 31 Pokemon, it's a big jump from that to 44. Of in RBY with a Level 50
Gen II - Whitney... that. damn. Miltank. Rollout. Nuff' said.
Gen III - Norman - Slaking. Slaking. Slaking. Those ugly boobs made me lose all the time.
Gen IV - I didn't really have a tough time with any of them, but I guess Gardenia - Like I said not much trouble, but I guess her Roserade was quite fast and strong.
Gen V - Lenora - Her gross Watchog. How was it soooo fast?!

I guess I should use Fighting types more often. :x But seriously, who has a Level 31 Slaking? >:
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