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Rhinnan's Journey
I started and picked Totodile as my starter, and nicknamed him Equius. I did the Mr. Pokemon quest as asked, and then got a call from Professor Elm telling me to return. So I did. On the way I battled a sexy red-haired boy who said I didn't deserve my Pokemon. I beat him to prove I did, and hurried back to Elm's lab. The policeman there thought I stole the missing Pokemon, but my 'friend' Ethan said he saw a red-haired boy looking into the building. The policeman asked for the (SEXY) boy's name, in which I replied Phoenix. He left and then I did, too, and Ethan showed me how to catch Pokemon (very lamely) and gave me some balls.
Current Team:
Equius *totodile* level 9

Fienya's Journey
Of course, it's morning. Just like every other morning. Or so I thought.
My mother woke me up this morning, telling me that Professor Elm had wanted to see me today. I decided I would figure out what he wanted first, before doing basically everything else. I headed over to his lab, and as I reached I noticed someone looking in the window. I ignored him, of course, too preoccupied with the current mission. Once I had figured out what Elm had wanted, I was all too excited. Grabbing the first pokemon there was, I gladly chose a Cyndaquil. My new partner, Sollux, I did my first mission. To go the Mr. Pokemon's house and see what he wanted. Once I had finally reached there, I found out all it was was another egg that he had found. Once I had the egg ready, a received a call. It was Professor Elm. He sounded hysterical, blabbing on about something horrible. I rushed over to see what was wrong, and on the way, I met someone. But I don't think he was all to happy to meet me. The instant he saw me, he called me weak and said I didn't deserve my pokemon. Not even having any saying, he challenged me. Gladly, I accepted, and defeated him easily. Right after that, he ran away, in too much of a hurry to notice I had taken his trainer card. I read the name, fast as I could, before he realized and snatched it away. I watched as he ran, soon remembering that I had to go to Elm's lab. Once I reached there, I was shocked to hear that one of the pokemon had been stolen. I saw the police officer, and the moment he saw me, he blamed me and already brought out his cuffs that had been hanging on the side of his belt. Not even getting my saying, yet again, I couldn't really defend myself. Luckily, Ethan, Had run in, and stood up for me. He had always been a good friend. Once the police officer heard this, he turned back to me, asking if I had seen anyone with red hair. I answered that I had, and he then again began pestering me about everything I knew. All I told him was that I knew he had red hair, and that his name was Gale. The officer ran off, obviously in search for Gale. I thanked Ethan for his help, and Elm began to explain to me that he knew I was 'special' and that I should be the one who helps him in his little 'experiment.' I agreed, too bored with life to really give a damn. So, from then on, I started my adventure. Oh boy, it's gonna be a helluva ride.

My team:
Sollux *Cyndaquil* Lvl. 13
Alice *Ratatta* Lvl. 5
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