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Suicune's Expert Emerald IS amazing, and that game gave me this epic team( I can play my expert emerald on a clean emerald rom woo):
Jolteon(for sweeping Bird/Water types)
Alakazam( for sweeping poison/fighting types)
Golem(for sweeping Bird/Bug/Rock types, and pwning my own pokemon with EQ)
Blaziken( Powerhouse of the team next to Dragonite and Jolteon)
Dragonite( 2nd Strongest Pokemon in team)
Golduck( Sweeps dragon/bird/grass/rock/ground/poison/fire types)
And Absol, my Backup Pokemon.

I removed my Blaziken because I'm in the surf routes now. Replaced it with Absol(Stronk with 2x Sword Dance DoubleTeam Shadowball Slash instapwn combo).
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