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(Thanks! Let me start )

Kara looks up to the sky. It's light. What was the first time she saw real sunlight, actually? It was a week ago. And it hurted her terribly. Maybe because she's Umbreon. Or half-Umbreon, or... well, whatever she is, she thinks it's because of what she is. A bit lost, she wanders into a large forest and takes a look around. She can take shelter in that little, dark cave over there, or hide in the large bushes, full of juicy berries. She makes her decision without even hesitating and runs to the bushes. She immediately begins to snack on the aspear berries and with a full stomach, she falls asleep in a pile of leaves that lie on the ground.

After a little while, she wakes up from a growling sound and opens her eyes. An Ursaring with the size of the cave she just saw and her baby Teddiursa look her in the eye. Kara screams and attacks the Ursaring without hesitation with Night Shade. The Ursaring is down in one hit and the Teddiursa yelps in fear. "D-Don't hurt me!" it squeaks. "I wasn't planning on doing so!" Kara sobs and runs away. This outside world is terrible...
Oh how much I'd love to have a Flygon >.<
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