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first of all, I know some parameters with the pokemon, such as items, ability, nature and EVs may be missing, but that was sort of the point. I don't want an item on them, random ability(ok, maybe i'll figre something out for ability later, but still), zero EVs. I want the pokemon to get by on their "natural strength" (even though thats asking for suicide in the competitive world xD)

so yeah, here it is, and it is a similar(aka carbon copy) post to the one i did in serebii forums so don't be shocked please.

RMT below!
here are the parameters:

-all pokemon must be available in leaf green
-all pokemon must not be in the Uber or OU tier (or BL)
-all moves must be learnable through egg, TM, level, HM or tutor


So here is my team:

-brick break
-shadow ball
-metal claw

sweeper number 1, his prowess is with rocks, steels, and basic physical sweeping
slash is a filler move here, not many options here.
psychics and ghosts are toast (lol rhyme)

-cross chop
-brick break
-fury swipes
-rock slide

sweeper number 2, he also takes care of rocks, but also flyers too.
really weak, but speed makes up for that. fury swipes are there as sub breakers
hes like a mini slaking but fighting and super weak.

-acid armor/shadow punch
-curse/shadow punch

basic wall, and somewhat of a sweeper, i dislike focus punch (because i don't have it anymore). His main purpose is to get rid of psychics, stab on sludge bomb, and explode when the going gets tough, aka metagross. Muk's physical walling power is nice, but can make it a pain to go against kadabra and the likes (yes, kadabra is scary, i might consider it on my team)

-drill peck
-fury attack
-tri attack
-agility/quick attack

i bet my boots, and hes on my team, not the other team (i hope) *little smogon 3rd gen UU reference there* so yeah, gets rid of whatever possible, also can induce status, which is a plus. Basically another all out sweeper. fury attack is also a sub-breaker (if anyone actually uses sub). agility on the switch then another sweep. I've been thinking of breeding swords dance to as many pokemon on my team as possible, and i wish i could on this one, but agility/quick attack will have to do as life/death situation answers.

-fire blast
-iron tail

(rapidash is . . . >.<) he has a really bad moveset, i really want to get rid of him, but i don't know what to replace him with, sorry rapidash, but you kinda suk.

-rock slide

sandslash, oh sandslash, cant learn EQ w/o TM. absolute derp. Idk what to do with this one. Rapidash and sandslash were just filler pokemon for my team.

looks like a pretty bad team i know, but has promise, right?
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