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I noticed this week's chart came out 4 days ago and Gary hasn't posted so I thought I might do it this week (hope you don't mind, Gary!):

Top Singles
[Legend: TW. (LW) Artist - Title]
  1. (02) Avicii - Wake Me Up!
  2. (01) Stromae - Papaoutai
  3. (07) Stromae - Formidable
  4. (04) Robin Thicke Feat. T.I. + Pharrell - Blurred Lines
  5. (09) Martin Garrix - Animals
  6. (06) Maître Gims - Bella
  7. (05) Daft Punk Feat. Pharrell Williams - Get Lucky
  8. (03) Lady Gaga - Applause
  9. (10) James Arthur - Impossible
  10. (11) Bruno Mars - Treasure
  11. (12) Keen'V - La Vie Du Bon Côté
  12. (14) Passenger - Let Her Go
  13. (13) DJ Assad - Li Tourner
  14. (15) Major Lazer Feat. Busy Signal, The Flexican & FS Green - Watch Out For This (Bumaye)
  15. (22) John Newman - Love Me Again
  16. (16) Calvin Harris Feat. Ellie Goulding - I Need Your Love
  17. (20) Joyce Jonathan - Ça Ira
  18. (18) Showek - Slow Down
  19. (19) Maître Gims Feat. Dry - One Shot
  20. (08) Katy Perry - Roar

Top Albums

01 NE Stromae - Racine Carrée [80,882 copies sold] :o
02 01 Luc Arbogast - Odysseus
03 03 Multi-Interprètes - NRJ Extravadance 2013
04 02 Various - NRJ Party Hits 2013
05 04 Keen'V - Ange Ou Démon
06 05 Maître Gims - Subliminal
07 06 Bruno Mars - Unorthodox Jukebox
08 09 Various Artists - Tropical Family
09 07 Daft Punk - Random Access Memories
10 10 Christophe Maé - Je Veux Du Bonheur
11 18 Emmanuel Moire - Le Chemin
12 25 Stromae - Cheese
13 08 Various - Skyrock 2013, Vol. 2
14 12 Sébastien Patoche - J'Emmerde Les Bobos
15 15 Jean-Jacques Debout - Sous Le Soleil Des Guinguettes
16 23 Les Stentors - Une Histoire De France
17 17 Zaz - Recto Verso
18 13 Olympe - Olympe
19 11 Divers - NRJ Summer Hits Only 2013
20 16 Multi-Interprètes - M6 Hits Été 2013

Top 200 Singles
Top 250 Albums

Can't believe Stromae's sales, it's incredible how massive he is right now! :o

The VIP Challenge

Do you want to be a VIP? Do you have the guts to go head-to-head with PC's most dedicated userbase? Do you look good in a swimsuit?

If the answer to any of these questions was 'yes' then you're in the right place - it's time for The VIP Challenge! Every few weeks we'll be throwing another challenge at you for you all to compete in and we'll start to find out who really are the VIPs of PC. The challenges will cover topics new and old, test skills you never knew you had, and will hopefully provide a bit of bonding too, so play some games with your fellow members and the prizes may be in your grasp.

¤ Rules ¤
A real VIP goes about life with style.
1. Follow all of PC's rules.
2. Don't spam, troll or harass.
3. Don't make fun of people for their entries; this is all for fun!

¤ Current Competition! ¤
Post your entries in the thread!
PC is running low on funding and needs an exciting new way to draw in potential detonators. You're in charge of PC for the day and you're allowed to create one new section for people to post in, but it has to be a good one or you'll be laughed out of the staff team for good. Your job is to think of a new section for PC to use, decide who will have access to it, and give a short description of the threads you'd expect to find there.

PC is now British?

You'll need to include a name for your section, the section's focus and a brief description of how the section will function in order to be taken seriously - but keep in mind you'll also have to explain your choices. The PC crowd are a tough one to please and making the wrong decision here could bust the forum, so to have your idea put into action you'll have to be very persuasive and demonstrate why PC needs your new section and why the members will love it.

Are you up to the challenge? Then show us what you're made of.

¤ Entry Form Example ¤
Post your entry in this thread to take part; a more creative submission will earn points!
Section Title:
Section Focus:
Description & Reasoning:
¤ Prizes! ¤
Let's make this worth your while...
It wouldn't be a contest if there wasn't a prize, so this week the winner will receive a super sexy emblem and a small VIP donation straight from my pocket to give to whomever they choose. Also anyone who takes part will receive an emblem too, so you've got nothing to lose!

Good luck!]

Seems Drapion is pretty scary! o.o One Pokemon I think was always suppose to be scary is the Golbat line... But who could really find this scary?

Okay, I admit that picture was a little biased, but even looking at an accurate picture...

I still can't see anything scary about it! The huge gawping mouth just ruins it for me. All these evil organisations need more Pokemon, Golbat isn't scary enough! Does anyone find this Pokemon scary?