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Ooh, good points. Mmm, though I always though paras was a grass type due to its little mushroom. :3 But Scyther definately, shouldn't be flying type epescially when I can recall a pokedex entry stating it rarely flies..or something along the lines of that. (That also remind me of gyarados which is Water/Flygin which I hate! ;o;)

Mmm! I've always thought that to, but I guess I've sort of adapted to the name over time tbh; but I wouldn't mind a change which I think is highly unlikely. ;;

Well here's a little activity, though done several time in other clubs, I think, would be good to do, just for the sake of it xD;

Make up a grass type move:

Name: Nature Lash

Physical or Special?
Power: 90
Accuracy: 85
Type: Grass
Description: The users scratches the foe with a claw or scythe covered in sharp leaves.
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