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Originally Posted by HarmfulDesign View Post
Also, could someone please how to edit the game files so that one track plays instead of another. (I want to swap the Elite Four theme with the Kanto Champoin theme) Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Okay, I'm not one to talk about these things, and no one has seemed to answer your question, but in a FileViewer (Like Tinke) you can find the main .sdat file that directs the game to all of the songs.

Whatever. Just find the file.

Then, you look at the box, where it lists the file information.

Look for "offset", and in HxD (what a wonderful program) go to that offset.
Then, using the "search" button, find the pointer-offset (reversed offset) of the file you want to edit. Remember to use the "search forward" option.

If you want to replace, do a "search and replace" for the first file, and then do a "search and replace" for the second file.

Now, I don't know if this works, but all the files listed seem to correspond to the ones I found after the offset...
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