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Originally Posted by Dragonkat View Post
Doh! I was gonna head to the Poke Center to meet with some other people! Would you like to battle? After the one you were talking about. Kat can wait ;3 I just need her to have a friend! X3
:D Ok! After I battle Olivia, I'll battle your character. ;; What's your character's name again? Kat was it? I'll have to see how strong your Pokemon are first.

EDIT: I checked your team & level. I think I can handle your Pokemon. I accept your challenge, once I battle Olivia.

EDIT AGAIN: xD I just got challenged by Isaac! O-O Hopefully he won't use Quilava, or I don't know if my Oshawott could handle him. Let's make it a single battle 2-on-2, since I only have 2 Pokemon. I will post tomorrow 'cause I have to go to sleep.

Ok, so I'll battle Isaac first, then Olivia, & finally Kat. :D I'm gonna get a level frenzy! I do plan on getting more Pokemon later. Any idea where I can find a Riolu?

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