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I agree with Beee. I mean, why do people say they don't look original? Does Voltorb or Electrode look original? What about Diglet? THAT seriously looks like a 3 year old drew it more than Druddigon.
Each generation has it's failures and successes, but all I can see is a success, in my opinion. Finally they strayed away from making new evolutions for old Pokemon, Baby Pokemon for ones that shouldn't even have one, and finally no more weak Caterpie/Weedle idea (yes, there is Venipede and Sewaddle, but at least their evolutions are somewhat useful).
I like this generation, a lot. And if people are saying that the new ones look more like Digimon, and that they should just buy a Digimon game, why haven't they? Why are they still playing Pokemon Black/White?
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