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Quote originally posted by OrdealByFire:
I agree with the OP...

There are some seriously stupid looking Pokemon, and it just seems obvious that they're running out of ideas. I can't imagine what they'll look like if Pokemon is still around in another 10 years.

I know there's not general consensus as to what a Pokemon should look like, but come on... Vanillite and its evolved forms really come to mind as ones that just make me shake my head.

And it's like the Pokemon people were like, "Alright... this Pokemon looks goofy as hell, so we HAVE to make it pretty powerful to make up for it."

I'm not sure what I'm saying. It's late.

But I will say the first generation of Pokemon will always be my favorite ... most likely because of the nostalgia factor. Ah... bias.

There's stupid looking Pokemon in Gen 1 like Exeegcute the egg Pokemon that evolves into a Coconut, how does make that sense?, at least vanilite still evolves into an ice cream cone.
This is what happen if the generations were reversed (language warning):

IMO I like all the generations and my favorites are gen3 and 5.

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