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I saw something about Crystal and Gold Silver...While the Gameboy and Gameboy Color existed similarly how the DS and DSi exist, Crystal could not be played on normal gameboys while Gold and Silver could be played on the Gameboy Pocket and in Black and White even though it was compatible with Colored sprites.

So YES, Crystal WAS made for a DIFFERENT System in the Middle of the Second Generation. The fact that it could not be played on an older system (Gameboy and Gameboy Pocket). It was, and to this day is the only Pokemon game made for a different system than its predecessors. While this hasn't been done after the fact isn't mearly a coincidence. Since the Gameboy Color, the Advance Generation of the Gameboy (Advance and SP) were merely the same system with different features, none of the working mechanics were really changed. Same is said for the DS and DSi series. Same systems with different features.

They can very well repeat Crystal's compatibility issue with any new game IF Gamefreak or the company that will take charge of the new game, OR if Nintendo makes them do so.
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