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Originally Posted by Montgomery View Post
Madrid creates the chances (around 7) and Barcelona scores two out of three chances. That's pretty unlucky from Madrid. They deserve at least two goals from what they did in the first half. Granted, Barcelona's defense is so horrible that I myself who have played only a handful of times football could have scored a goal blindfolded, but Madrid were very good. Unfortunately, Madrid are losing, but at least they would have offered a good first half. The second half is for Barcelona; Madrid have nothing to play for anymore. A big result for Barcelona will only be a result of Madrid's failure to convert their first half chances into actual goals, not because they were the superior side.

EDIT: Now that is what I'm talking about. 2 goals. I will be thrilled with a 3rd. I doubt it though.
EDIT 2: Ramos' red card was..just wow. Does Bosquets like to die? I'm sorry, people, but Madrid deserves to win. The referee wasn't great in some of his decisions. Barcelona do not deserve a thing from this game.
I have to give newfound respect to biscuits. He dives and gets players in trouble and/or sent off, and he literally doesn't give a flying **** about it. What an utter ****. Players like those shouldn't be allowed to play football. It doesn't mitigate Pepe's horrible reputation, though.

In all honesty, I thought Real Madrid would capitulate and lose 4/5-0 after half time, but they came back from 2 goals and gave barca a good game.

Since Real played so well, I guess they could challenge Manchester City for Moral Champions League Final 2012.