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Quote originally posted by 2Cool4Mewtwo:
Spanish & English FA are joke. Incompetent at best.

On the subject of catalan independence thing, apparantly their motto "mes que un club" has something to do with it. I don't know further about it, though.
The RSFA judge said that he'd have looked into it "if Pepe had broken Messi's fingers", so yeah. Incompetent is being too nice to them.

And that motto means two things: first, it's "more than a football club"- it also has successful basketball, handball, futsal and hockey divisions (and maybe more, I'm not sure), so technically speaking, it's true it's not just a football team. And then you get into the romantic, nationalist idea of being a Catalan institution, at least a more popular one than the Catalan Parliament, but that's more subjective.
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