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Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
I find it really hard to argue this point with you because I agree with everything you've said lol. I guess in the end though, I'm just more of a results-based person, and not very patient. I'd much rather get there faster using what we've already built than changing the gameplan halfway through and dealing with more delays. "It's not a choice," which I would be so bold as to say is true of the vast majority of cases, is simply a far easier message to shove down their throats than "some people do choose to be gay, deal with it and accept us anyway".
That's fine. Part of why I push for something more radical is to make more moderate views more acceptable. If you show someone who's anti-gay a gay person who just wants to be able to be married the anti-gay person will dig in their heels and say "no!" If you also show them someone like me you'd probably see them much more likely to find some acceptance in their hearts if for no other reason than to keep "worse" things from happening.