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Quote originally posted by Natural Harmonia Gropius:
I didn't look carefully at Cloyster's defenses, now that I see how high they are, I get why Cloyster is usually taken over Gorebyss. It's a shame that Gorebyss can't do more, because she's one of my favorite pokemon =/
Fear not, my son!

Gorebyss is definitely still capable of putting together a sweep in OU when given proper team support [for example, using Pursuit to trap Blissey or having a Rotom-W using HP Fire out of nowhere to surprise and kill Ferrothorn]. Not only that, but Gorebyss is also infinitely useful as a Baton Passer of Shell Smash, so while Gorebyss may not be able to put together a full sweep at +2/+2/+2, a Salamence certainly could. Gorebyss is also a major threat in the lower tiers, especially NU, so you could use it there, where it has a much better chance of sweeping a team, due to the lack of Pokemon that can wall it.

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