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Name: Rafael "Sparks" Misu

Age: 17

Pokemon speciesikachu


Job: Wiring

Appearance: Rafael looks just like a regular pikachu except for a few things. One of the things is that his ear is filled with scars. Another thing that is different about him is that he has abnormal colored eyes. The last thing that is different about him is that he is a little bit taller than usual.

Personality: He is almost never a grumpy guy when around people. He dislikes when people make fun of his scars and his eyes. He is a very romantic guy when around other people but when alone with a girl he gets a little socially awkward. He almost always has a smile on his face.

History: Rafael was always a little different than everybody else. As a boy he found out he was socially awkward towards girls. Due to that he was always forever alone. His life changed when a metal object flew from the sky destroying the village he lived in. He was devastated and scared because his parents were there. Rafael was one of the first people to see the metal object and he voted to destroy it.

Moves: Volt tackle. Thunderbolt. Iron tail, quick attack, electro ball.

RP Sample: Rafael woke up a little bit early. He walked out of his house and went towards the nearest forest looking for some loose berries. Then he heard a sound but ignored it for now. About five minutes passed before he collected all the berries and headed home. When he got back to the village he saw that it was destroyed by a giant metal object. He went close to it and sighed.

It was then he remembered his parents lived in the same village as he did. He started to sprint towards his parents house and saw they weren't there. Tears started to swell up in his eyes but he held back from crying and went towards the metal thing and kicked it hard.
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