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Originally Posted by Usagi-Chan~ View Post
No, Yaoi and Yuri are the extremes, the fluff and stuff is Shonen Ai for boys and Shoujo Ai for girls I believe.
Don't correct me when I'm trying to correct someone. There's just too much correction.
xD Well then, a lot of things seem to have been misusing these words, lol.
Yuri as a name doesn't really make me think of that, because . . . well, If anything I'ma be reading yaoi, not yuri. lol

@Scarf - Nope, I didn't laugh. I think the . . . joke flew right over my head. I'm actually not completely sure I'm grasping it one hundred percent. I'm grasping it, just not enough to make me laugh. That's sad, I like laughing ;~;

@TwiDragon - Russia for the win, no? (Say no and I shall sick Russia AND Belarus on you. >:C)

/can't think of anything more productive to say.


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