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Originally Posted by tonti View Post
Can anyone help me with an error I've been having? No matter what Sappy mod I use, whether it be 14, 15 or the latest one, 16, I always get this error. (Ignore that I'm using 15 in the picture, this was taken a while ago)

I don't know why I get this message. I have MPlaydef.s in the right folder, and I've checked multiple times, replaced the file, and still nothing. It never lets me assemble songs from S files. It's quite annoying, and I haven't seen anyone come up with a solution for this yet.

I have the same problem.
You need to use a Virtual XP or a PC with Windows XP for assembling (it's a compatibility problem between the new Sappy and Mid2AGB).

But the assembler works with this version, compared to mod 15.

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