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Looks like I'll have time to do this! I finished exams a week ago, so now I finally have the time to start doing random stuff I enjoy doing.

Name: psyanic
Best Way to Contact: PM/VM, either way works.
Review Style: When I first look at a story, I usually check for mechanics and typos or another. After that, I go everywhere. I can dive into looking at plot, characters, or if something even makes sense. So I'd say comprehensive, though inconsistent.
1. The Nova Travels - by treecko's awesomeness
2. Pokemon Johto Adventures 1 - by Volcanix769
3. Grant - by AtavanHalen343
4. Freedom Fighters - by DarkIceForever
5. Pokemon: A Johto Dream - by ROBO-BOY
6. The Ballad of Greg Thomas - by FourCartridge
7. Red with Envy - by Editman
8. Crossing Paths - by AmiEkcona
9. Aura's Adventures: Book 1, Rise of the Dark Rebellion - by [DoubleUber]
10. The Luster Chronicles rated T - by Nine-Toes
11. Project Z - by Venasaur
12. Chronicles of Innocence (Digimon) - by Legendarian Mistress
13. The Nova Travels (Chapter 7) - by treecko's awesomeness
14. Those That Came Before - by PhantomX0990
15. The Blacklist - by DForte
16. Love is Blind? - by gwenvar
17. Hanran Sentai JohtoRanger - by Digimon Kaiser
18. Arbok, Dawn, and Misty - by Brisingr122194
19. Bare Bones: A Trainer's Story - by makemymilk45
20. A Seer's Shadowy Path - by Electricmudkip
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