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I still have holidays. This can only mean one thing.

Name: bobandbill I think
Best Way to Contact: VM, don't mind PMs either.
Review Style: I'll say what I like and don't like on whatever comes to mind when I read it basically (be it plot, characters, description, events, etc), and mention any instances of misspellings/grammatical errors and how to fix them.
1. My first two poems, gwenvar
2. Heart and Soul: Poems of a Samurai, SamuraiGallade
3. Diminutive Haiku + Haiku, lachash
4. Wings of War, AtavanHalen343
5. Blood and Snow, a Pokemon Zombie Apocalypse Story, PlayingAmongStars
6. Untitled, SeekerOfDarkness
7. Dragon Age: Champions, PhantomX0990
8. Pokemon VDD: Destiny Discovery (preview), Skara
9. The Ballad of Greg Thomas, FourCartridge
10. Diabetic Cappuccino, Toujours
11. Survival Project, diamondpearl876
12. Without Words, SeekerOfDarkness
13. A Seer's Shadowy Path, Electricmudkip
14. Hopping on Cloud Nine, psyanic
15. The Ballad of Greg Thomas (chapter 3-4), FourCartridge
16. The Colourless Ribbon, Yuki's Sword
17. The spiral of war, Maxter_g
18. Escalation, dash!
19. Crush Can, Mist_Ketchum
20. The Village, TheAmazingAipom

Good luck to all!
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