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Originally Posted by Nerketur View Post

Just now looked into it, and there ARE a few useful things =D The folder names appear to be here, all in a list. There are also some more useful tidbits. I'll have to look into it further. In terms of scripting, I don't think much is in there. The engine itself could be, and given a few things in there (files referenced with a .c extension) I think they programmed the game in C or C++. Or at least portions of it.

As far as scripting itself is concerned, so far, my best bet is looking at all the .ssb files. That said, however... I'll definitely keep arm9.bin in mind.

Right now I'm focusing on PMD: Explorers of Time. It was my own assumption that Blue Rescue Team would follow Red Rescue Team's scripting engine, though I have not yet confirmed this. (I'm also assuming Explorers of Darkness is similar to Explorers of Time AND Sky. This is why I chose Time to start with.)

Still, thanks for the info! =D
No problem. And I just remembered, try also looking in the overlay.bin files as well. In Blue Rescue Team, the entire game script was in the overlay files in plain ASCII.
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