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Quote originally posted by Olli97:
Welcome to the club, Sector Revenge. Have fun and stay active n_n

It seems the female Pokémon are using their girly charm on you, though it is quite understandable that you would have fallen for them, as they are indeed great
I also like to pick a specific type of starters, though it's Grass starters in my case, but I think that Blaziken would be my favourite of the starters final evolutionary stage too.

'Which of the Hoenn Pokémon would you like to see get (pre)evolutions?'
The female Pokemon with their Girly Charm=I need to get married now right? LOL

Gardevoir (Since Gallade is a male) is also a female-like Pokemon so I used her quite a bit in Ruby as well, both her, Flygon & Milotic were my favorites during that time. Flygon was way before I even started using Salamence and he won my heart over Flygon lol

Solrock/Lunatone(Spelled wrong?) would have excellent pre-evolutions in my opinion. They are just...empty to me with their current forms only and nothing else..