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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Welcome to both new members, enjoy your stay!

Hmm, on the Muk vs Garbodor debate which seems to have arisen, I really can't decide! They're both two of my favourites D: I love Grimer far more than Muk though... So I'll go with Garbodor!

Muk- 2
Garbodor- 2


I think if people stopped paying attention to the stupid mouth they gave the sprite (see below) then Garbodor would be a lot more popular!

Anyway, new topic time! It'll be similar to this one.

New topic: Which is best, Beedrill or Scolipede?


These are two of the fully-evolved Poison Bugs from the start of the games, so which do you prefer!
No other takers? Just a tie?


Yikes, we need a tiebreaker, first to 5 wins? lol

I like Scolipede, as it's mighty fast. Has a bit bigger movepool. I never really cared for Beedrill to be quite honest. I've always been more a Butterfree-type of guy so Breedrill loses my vote here.