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''Swellow, let's take a break! It's becoming dark! You can't handle it! Stop in that Isle'' Says Jay. Jay has tryied to survive in the small Isle, and he knows that the league will start soon. ''Im late for the league! Poliwhirl! Try to surf!'' Poliwhirl has tryied his best but the It's very dark and there are many clouds! And Jay have seen a boat and with an old guy...he looked like a Captain! Jay says quicly:

''Excuse me, could you take me to the Lethia region?'' The Captain looked at Jay surprisely and very, very strangely. The Captain says:

''So your in the Earth and Sky league...well if you want me to ask some questions if it's why im helping you, it's because three trainers are already in Lethia region! And what took you so long?! Your late for the tournament! And of course I can help you! Quick get in my boat, and i'l take you to Lethia!''

''T...Thanks Captain!'' the captain took an hour to arrive to the Lethia region, and Jay and the captain has arrived in the Lethia region. ''There are a Pokemon Center to the right and a Mart on the beach, and right there's an Hotel! The center's closed so I suggest you to go to the hotel!

''That's exactly where I am going to! And...thanks for the help,really! But where your goin'?'' Jay says. The Captain said to not worry about him. ''...See you on the league, kid...'' Jay didn't understand very much and he finally got to the hotel but Jay was thinking about the Captain...''

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