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Quote originally posted by Mason69:
Because im running it on my cell phone.
Anyway is it possible to get them or not?
Well yes... I'm not exactly sure when but yes, you will get it.

Quote originally posted by DragonTrain:
Isnt it only quicker if you are using vba?
Well of course... hacks are supposed to be played on VBA...

Quote originally posted by ajroogs:
Hey, first post here. Love this hack, great stuff. Quick question, where do I go after I've beaten the fire gym leader in the Lauren League? I can't go past Team Steam in Meridian City. I tried dig by the hole, but that doesn't work. I've got the complete version (supposedly), and I'm stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Dig thing must work... you must have missed something...
Try to check Wes' website.
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