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This is somewhat of a short chapter, for me at least. says it's in the mid-range of lengths, but at this point the annotations (which are counted as part of the chapter in terms of word-count) there get so long that the word-count thingie isn't very accurate any more. So yeah, it's probably one of the shorter chapters.

She was secretly kissing Octa when she was still an Oddish...? o.o
I'm a bit glad she now realized how 'creepy' she was back then... xD
That is a rather messed-up and stalker-ish thing to do, isn't it? But yeah, fortunately she's now mostly over doing creepy things like that.

Chapter Forty-Four: Reunion in the Grasslands

Thick rain poured down on Route 7's high grasslands, soaking Black's team entirely. The copious amounts of water didn't just come from above either: the high grasses reached as high as Black's head and were very wet, so water came from above, below, and the sides. Black didn't even bother wearing his raincoat, as it would've had about as much use as wearing it while swimming. His pokémon didn't care any more either, as they couldn't get any wetter and it was pretty warm anyway. Only Lucius was in an intensely foul mood, even for his general bad disposition, hating all the water soaking him.

The grasslands were like a thick jungle of grass and other plants. There were many different kinds of grasses and tall flowers, the thing they had in common being that they were all very tall and none of the pokémon could ever look over them, while Black only occasionally managed to. It was strange how there were no trees or shrubs, only these tall grasses and flowers though the land was not worked by farmers. Occasionally a pokémon would scurry away from them, hiding themselves between the plants. They were passing through a field of huge sunflowers when Octa suddenly stopped. Boreas stopped too.

"Octa, what's wrong?" he asked.

Octa smiled. "Nothing is wrong, my dear fellow. Much the opposite, as a matter of fact: I recognise this location."

"Recognise it?" Boreas asked non-understanding as they walked on to follow Black.

"Indeed. Together with my father, Lord Publius Cornelius. I was but a recently-hatched Snivy when he took my brother, my sisters, and myself on a journey through these fields. I shall never forget the view from the top of one of these sunflowers over the sunlit fields... 'Tis a pity it rains like this, for the view is quite splendid when the weather is clear and the day luminous."

Boreas imagined Octa as a cute young Snivy climbing into one of these sunflowers and giggled. "You mean you really climbed into one of those sunflowers?"

Octa nodded and smiled wistfully. "Indeed. 'Tis too bad those flowers shan't hold my weight any more if I were to try it again..."

Boreas thought the idea of his pompous friend climbing a sunflower was hilarious, so he decided he was going to try to convince him do it. It wouldn't be very hard to convince him, judging by the nostalgia in Octa's voice. "I'm not so sure of that. Look at these flowers, they're huge and strong. And you're pretty slender and light. They could probably support you."

Octa smiled with childlike glee and seemed ready to climb a flower, but then he suppressed his smile. "I... I don't think it could hold me."

"Don't worry, some of these flowers are big enough to be called trees. If they can hold themselves up, surely they can hold you."

"They could not be called trees, no matter how pantagruelian, for their stems are herbaceous and do not contain any lignin."

"Right, but either way, they could probably support your weight."

"Wwwell..." Octa seemed almost unable to resist the temptation. "I don't think I should. It would not be very proper."

"Oh, c'mon. What's the harm of a little bit of light-hearted fun? It'll be just like when you were young."

"I..." a determined grin entered Octa's face. "Oh, sod it, I'm going to climb that flower!"

Boreas chuckled as Octa began climbing a sunflower, using the leaves as footholds. The stem was indeed strong enough to support him at first, but bent as he climbed higher. Boreas held the stem to help support it, and soon Octa reached the flower. Black and all his pokémon looked on in disbelief as Octa laughed happily while he looked out from the flower. Then the stem cracked and he fell onto the ground.

"What on Earth got into you, Octa?" Black asked.

"I was merely scouting ahead," Octa explained blushing.

As they all walked on, Octa started walking next to Boreas again. "Well, wasn't that fun?" Boreas asked.

"Hmm, yes, quite," said Octa as he brushed the mud off himself. "'Twas most certainly an interesting flashback to my early childhood. Though the weather is far less aestival than it was last time, and the flora seems smaller than it seemed then."

"So, if your father took you here when you were young, you must've been born near," Boreas wondered.

"Crimson breeders is indeed located on Route 7, and with it of course my ancestral home. Though 'tis not quite proximal to our current location, for 'tis still several days of travel away."

"You must be excited to get back home! I mean, you haven't been there in more than a year."

"Indeed, my dear fellow, I am rather looking forward to a reunion with my family and shall endeavour to visit as we pass by."

"I'm looking forward to it too. You talk about your family so much; it'll be fun meeting them at last."

"You... want to meet them too?" Octa asked with concern.

"Well, yeah. I mean, if we're going there I'd love to meet them."

"Hmm," Octa pondered. "I suppose you could all meet my family... Though I'd have to teach you the proper etiquette first... Hmm, come to think of it, I don't think you could do it."

"Of course I could! I'll be all proper and all that."

"I wasn't just talking about you, though it does concern me that your rapid temper might cause you to forget proper etiquette. Think about the others: Lucius would likely deliberately offend my family merely for the fun of it. Selene just shan't understand. Toxica..." his voice trailed off.

"I'm sure they'd do much better than you think. Especially Toxica, if you tell her the etiquette you want her to follow, I'm sure she'll do so precisely."

"Well... Yes... But... There might be other problems. Though I suppose I could give you a chance... Fortunately it won't be a direct issue for several days."

As they walked, they heard the rustling sounds of pokémon in the grass to their left. Usually those sounds would quickly disappear as the pokémon scurried off, but this time the pokémon kept close for quite a while. Black suddenly seemed to realise this and the fact that his team now had only five pokémon, as he hushed his pokémon, grabbed a pokéball, and started sneaking to the sounds, ordering his pokémon with gestures.

Boreas sneaked through the grass, approaching the rustling sound. He could see it now vaguely through the grass, quite big and dark. He parted the grass and yelped in surprise when he saw a large, bipedal black fox with long black and crimson hair. He recognised the shoulder tufts pointing up like spikes and the dark purple eyes flaring with malice immediately.

"You!" he exclaimed.

"You!" Diego exclaimed as he immediately jumped into a defensive stance. Boreas now saw the rest of N's team too. Anger, adoration, embarrassment, hate, love, contempt, sorrow, and loads of other emotions all fought to be first as he saw Aqua. Her face tried on several different expressions for a moment, then settled on cold contempt.

"What's going on?" Black asked as he emerged from the grasses. "Oh, it's you."

"Uh," spoke N, "hi."

They sort of stood there, not sure what to do. Boreas and Diego both waited for the other to attack, but relaxed a bit when he didn't do that. Aqua was looking somewhere else, pretending she didn't see Boreas. But then Diego shot her a glance that made Boreas shiver: he looked almost hungry as he looked at her.

"I..." said N, "I guess we'll be going on. We'll see you later."

With a sneering smile, Diego turned and followed N. But Boreas was too busy struggling with the flood of emotions that Aqua unleashed in him to even bother thinking about fighting his nemesis. Aqua was following N, still not giving Boreas a single look. Part of him wanted to do the same, part of him wanted to apologise deeply to her, part of her wanted to kill her, part of her just wanted to look at her as she walked by, and all these parts tried to make their preferred course of action happen.

"Wait!" Boreas blurted out. N and his pokémon stopped and looked at him in surprise, including Aqua, though she quickly turned her gaze away to look at a raindrop dripping from a strand of grass.

Boreas was quite aware he was expected to say or do something now, but he couldn't get himself to say more. N shrugged and was about to walk off when Boreas managed to say something else. "Aqua, can I talk to you in private?"

It took her a while to answer. She opened her mouth several times, then retracted her answer and closed it. She almost turned to look at Boreas, but eventually she softly said: "No."

Several emotions struggled for power as she turned away and began walking off morosely. But he felt he really needed to apologise and didn't care that everyone would hear it. "I'm sorry, Aqua. I'm so sorry!" Aqua stopped and looked at him. "The things I said and did were unforgivable. I don't agree with your choice at all, but I should've been supportive of it. After what we had together it was wrong of me to treat you like that. I was just... I was crushed by Capella's death three days earlier. I... My life for those three days had been a pitch-black cave of despair, and the thought that I would be reunited with you was the only light in my life... When you showed up with them, I-I- my emotions just went berserk... I-I tried to control it, b-but" tears where streaming over Boreas' cheeks now, "I-I couldn't. The things I said and did to you... Th-that was the worst day of my life, Aqua, worse than the day my family died or even the day Capella died... I behaved profoundly horrible to you, the most wonderful person I know, and I tried to kill you. It's unforgivable, and I just want you to know how sorry I am for it, even if you can't forgive me and never want to see me again."

Only the sound of the rain was audible for a while, but Aqua looked Boreas straight in the eyes. He could see a great sadness in there, and she was crying too. Finally she spoke, her voice trembling. "Y-you're right, Boreas. What you did was indeed unforgivable. I-I want to forgive you, because I really believe you're sorry, but I just can't... I keep hearing the horrible things you said... But you're not the only one to apologise. It was my own fault too... I should've been more considerate of your feelings. Joining N, right though that choice was, without even considering your feelings was very bad of me. I should've realised how it must feel like high treason after all Team Plasma has put you through... Maybe it was high treason... I-I am sorry for it. And for the things I said and did too... I tried to keep calm, but you just... Infuriated me beyond control. I said some very hurtful things to you, things I should never have said. I-I don't believe for even a second that you really are only interested in my looks, for instance. I-I just didn't have my anger under control... Like you... Turning to Team Plasma was horribly inconsiderate of me... All this is my fault, and I-I wish you can forgive me for it, but I don't even think I can forgive myself..."

Boreas felt very moved by her heartfelt apology, but part of him kept seeing her as a traitor and an accessory to Capella's death. "I'm sorry, Aqua... But I don't think I can forgive you... Though I will try..."

Aqua nodded, crying. "I try to forgive you too, but it's so hard... Even if it's ultimately my fault."

"No, it isn't! Well, I guess it is... But it's more my fault for overreacting so horribly. I should just forgive you..."

"We'll both try forgiving each other," said Aqua, "because the days I spent with you in Driftveil were the happiest of my life..."

Boreas sighed. "Mine too, mine too... Things were so amazing then, just you and me and nothing else..."

It was silent for about a minute as they reminisced. "So..." Boreas asked, dreading the answer, "what happens next? With us, I mean..."

Another long silence fell. Then Aqua said: "Well, I think I can see two possibilities. The first is that we don't forgive each other and carry on as we have for the past month: enemies. We try not to be as hateful of each other as we were, but... No "us" of any kind."

"No..." Boreas said breathlessly, "please... I don't want that..."

"Neither do I. It might be the easiest option, but I want to avoid that no matter what. I have a second idea, though. We try to forgive each other and part as friends. We carry on on our respective sides, but we avoid directly fighting each other at all cost and try to remain friends no matter what. And after all this is over and one side has won... Maybe then there can be an "us" again, but until then we'll always have Driftveil..."

Boreas nodded. "I like that better," he said. "But I have an even better idea."

"What is it? What happens?"

"I don't know," Boreas stated as he walked closer to Aqua. "I haven't the faintest idea what happens, all I know is that it starts with you and me walking off together. After that, who knows?"

Aqua raised her eyebrows. "What, now?"

"When else?" Boreas smiled.

"So by this idea, we would have no plan, no idea of what will happen. It's just an uncertain gamble into a chaotic future. I love it, let's go!"

They began running off together through the grass, ignoring those they left behind and most of their questions. But Boreas felt he at least owed Octa, who was trying to keep up with them and threw a question after them: "My dear fellow, where are you going?"

"I don't know!" Boreas laughed.

"Well, when will you be back? Will you be back?"

"I don't know!" Boreas stated. "We'll see what happens later."

"But how will you find us again if you wish to return?" Octa asked with concern.

"Don't worry, Octa,"said Aqua. "A captured pokémon wouldn't know this, but humans are really easy to find in the wild, even at great distances. The noise and smell they carry with them makes them very easy to find. We can find Black back, don't worry."

The sounds of Octa's pursuit fell behind. "Goodbye then, my dear fellow!"


They stopped running after a while and just walked together, unsure of what to say to each other. They walked through the tall plants and pouring rain in awkward silence. They weren't sure how to behave to each other, as each still harboured a powerful core of hate, yet wanted to forgive the other and kiss them more than anything. Suddenly a bolt of lightning provided an entry into a conversation about the weather, a nice and safe subject neither of them had put much emotional stock in. The conversation gradually eased up as they both felt more and more at ease with each other. Talking to Aqua like this was like a breath of fresh air after spending several minutes under water to Boreas. He had forgotten how much fun it was to talk to Aqua, and for now he had completely forgotten his spiteful anger towards her. They laughed and had fun together as they talked about absolutely nothing. Boreas was getting completely immersed in the amazing company. He had to restrain himself not to stare deep into her pretty black eyes, or give her hips more than the occasional glance, or intricately look at the way her muscles moved under her gleaming blue fur as she walked.

Aqua sighed. "It's so nice to talk with you like this again... I had more or less forgotten what it feels like to simply be with you..."

A shiver of pleasure shot up Boreas' spine as their tails briefly brushed against each other. The momentary physical contact made him realise just how much he was in love with her again. "Yeah..." he sighed, "I can't believe I jeopardised this just out of stupid anger... I was being such an arse."

"No," said Aqua, who corrected herself: "Well, yes. But it was largely my fault. I was being very selfish and inconsiderate. And there was Capella's death, I'm sure you would've been much more understanding if she hadn't become a casualty..."

The horrifying image of Capella's mangled body exhaling her last breath as she lay in his arms with no more skin on her skull hit him again like a heavy mallet crashing into his heart. Tears shot into his eyes and he could barely continue walking. His former hate against Aqua came back in force, much though he tried to tell himself that she'd had nothing to do with it.

"What's wrong, Boreas?" Aqua asked with concern, and Boreas saw her approach him through a veil of tears.

"Nothing, stay away from me!" He said with spiteful sharpness.

"I'm sorry," Aqua spoke sadly, "I shouldn't have brought Capella up... I know she meant much to you, and I would've done anything to save her if I could've..." Suddenly she embraced Boreas. He struggled for a moment, still irrationally angry at her, but then relished in the contact with her soft body and cried on her shoulder.

"I-I'm sorry, I shouldn't have got angry at you again... I-I saw her death before me again, Aqua... She died in my arms after saving my life..."

"Did she?" Aqua whispered in his ear as she rubbed his back. "I didn't know that..."

"W-we were fighting Sage Ryoku's Lilligant together, when his Tangrowth suddenly picked us both up by our tails... I tried to Ice Beam it, but it was still smouldering with Lucius' flames and my ice only brought it relief... Then that bastard ordered his Cradily to Hyper Beam us both... Capella and I looked each other in the eyes, and as I saw her smile and the fatality in her eyes, I knew what she would do... That look on her face... She knew exactly what would happen, yet she so bravely did it to save me. I tried to tell her to save herself, but she'd already spit flames at the vine holding me... She-she tried to save herself next, but she was too late: I only saw a blinding light with her as a smoke-like wisp in it and felt a searing pain as the tip of my tail was caught in the beam and annihilated... I thought she'd been vaporised, but it was much worse: the Hyper Beam blasted most of her flesh off her front side. But her backside was turned away from the beam and more or less alright, so when she landed next to me with that side to me I thought she was alright and I hugged her... And then I saw her... The image will never leave my mind, Aqua. Most of her flesh had been blasted away; I c-could see what was left of her organs and saw her skull instead of her face... But she was still alive. Her badly damaged heart beat a few more times and her one remaining lung drew one final breath before she died... I tried to tell her to evolve, but... Well... Sh-she died there in my arms..."

"Oh, my poor, poor Boreas..." Aqua whispered breathlessly in his ear as she softly nuzzled his hair and rubbed his back to comfort him.

Boreas kept shedding his tears on her shoulder. Feeling the pain of Capella's death again was crushing, but sharing it with Aqua like this was strangely liberating. He hadn't told anyone about what had precisely happened more than a month ago, as fact that she was dead mattered more to the rest of the team than the precise details, and it was far too painful to hear for them. He lay on the ground, shaking with tears in Aqua's embrace, but slowly calmed down.

"Thank you..." he said, "I've had no chance to tell anyone yet and you don't know how much that helped..."

"I think I do, actually," Aqua whispered back. "You did the same for me when I told you about Lothario's death..."

Now he remembered. "Oh yeah... I did... Wow, that was ages ago."

"Less than two months actually, my love. We only met each other two months ago to the day."

"It feels like a lifetime," said Boreas. "I wonder how much different my life would've been if I hadn't jumped out of the boat to go talk to a certain gorgeous Vaporeon."

Aqua giggled. "Not that different. I was quite interested in you too, remember, and would probably have followed you to talk to you if you hadn't come to me. I mean, I was very lonely at the time and longed for someone to talk to. Besides, you looked quite attractive and fun to talk to, my clever, heroic, handsome Boreas..."

Boreas sneered. "You can leave the 'handsome' out of there. I don't imagine I look too handsome with the tip of my tail missing and a bloody great scar on my face."

Aqua brought her face in front of his. "The bit out of the tail is a shame, but it doesn't change anything about how much I like you. And as for the scar..." She began tracing it with her front paw. Boreas was even more aware than before of how close she was holding him, their bodies pressed close against each other. "I like it. It looks pretty good on you, actually. A clearly visible memory of great heroics in battle. It makes you look..." She was now talking with her face barely ten centimetres away from his, giving him looks that made his blood boil. Her tongue seemed to beckon him as she talked. "Dangerous. Rakish. Who knows what could happen to me while someone with a scar like that is holding me?"

"What indeed?" Boreas whispered as their lips softly touched each other. The feeling of the kiss was intense and overpoweringly wonderful, and they immediately wrapped all four legs and their tails tightly around each other as they kissed passionately, never wishing it to end.
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