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Aaron was going to check into his room. While the clerk was checking for rooms that were available, Aaron stared at all the activity. People were trading Pokemon, trading TMs, and devising strategies for the upcoming tournament. Of course, he wouldn't trade his Pokemon, but he might see what TMs, people had to offer. He might even try to make an alliance.

Finally, the clerk said that they had a room available, but...well, Aaron was just going to have to find out. The clerk handed Aaron the card key. Then Aaron headed for the room. Aaron wondered what the clerk was about to say. What if the room wasn't ready and still needed to be cleaned? What if it was the smallest room they had? Oh no!

Aaron approached his room door. He inserted the card key and opened the door slowly. The door creaked as he peeked around the door. The lights were off. He turned the lights on and there was a man, standing there, smiling, creepily...

The two men stared at each other for a while. Finally, the creepy man said, "Ah, a challenger I see... Well, you picked the wrong man to challenge, for I am the 2nd strongest guard in this hotel!"

Aaron knew this was going to turn into a Pokemon battle real fast. Aaron took a look at the furniture. Nice. It shouldn't be ruined. He said, "If we have a Pokemon battle, can we take outside?"

They went outside and prepared to call out their Pokemon. Aaron's first battle at the Lethia Region, and it was over a hotel room. If only if it were for a badge...oh well. The bed looked comfy. People began to gather around.

Aaron called out Mantine while the creepy man pulled out Muk. The man told his Muk to use Sludge. Aaron told his Mantine to dodge it by using Agility and hit it with a close range Water Pulse. The Water Pulse looked like it hit hard, but Muk looked like it hadn't taken a scratch, albeit it was made of sludge. The Muk then used Sludge again, but this time, it hit Mantine hard. Aaron told his Mantine to use Confuse Ray. It hit, leaving Muk confused. Aaron told his Mantine to use Blizzard. It hit, which left Muk frozen. Now was Aaron's chance. Aaron told Mantine to keep using Water Pulse. Finally, Muk was defrosted. The man told his Muk to use Disable. Darn! Now Aaron couldn't use Water Pulse. The man commanded his Muk to use Sludge. Aaron had to try something. He told his Mantine to use Agility to dodge it again and use a close range Blizzard. It hit! Finally, Muk had fainted.

Aaron was surprised at how easy that was. The man congratulated Aaron. Aaron headed for the hotel, while the man headed for the Pokemon Center. Aaron entered his room. He made sure to lock the door and laid on his bed. Today was exhausting. Aaron quickly went to sleep.

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