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Mind if I reserve a spot for the Gold Tribe? I'll post my SU ASAP.

Yes, yes, I know, I said I wasn't going to join any more RPs until the summer but... that was before the Warriors RP popped up XD So, I'm back early.

Roleplays I am in:
Sekirei: Wings of Fate (OOC/IC) as Fia and Akira Takako
Fire Emblem: The Rift War (OOC) as Adina Maralyn
Pokemon Odyssey: Search For Cresselia (OOC/IC) as Kaveri "Jetstream" Vian
One Piece: The Golden Age (OOC/IC) as Anahita Z. Firenze

Roleplays I GM:
None yet, but Fargona is soon to come!
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