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Originally Posted by blufair View Post
It does seem likely that Jessie and James are in their 20s. But I don't think the amount of stuff they've done really matters, considering how much Ash has managed to do at the age of 10.

The show hasn't really been consistent about their ages. The biggest piece of evidence that Jessie is actually a teenager is Holiday Hi-Jynx, which has a flashback to ten years ago where she looks like a little kid. But there is other evidence that points to the characters being older, and they generally get treated like adults... So maybe Jessie was just a really late bloomer. Eating snow instead of food will do that to ya.
Rofl xD. Poor Jessie, she was bragging that snow food made her slimmer, but she omitted that it killed a couple of her brain cells too.

I must admit that the Jynx episode makes it quite inconsistent. In the flashback, Jessie looks like a five year old kid, but no way she's 15 in the series. Dogasu confirms the same number is mentioned in the Japanese version. The only arguments I can come up with is a) error on the writers' side or b) Jessie was lying about her age again (assuming the Japanese narrator isn't the one mentioning the number). I still consider the content of the CD drama as accurate since it has been written by Shudo who created J&J. It also makes more sense.