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Jack Davis

The hotel was completely filled with all sorts of trainers. Many of them were busy conversing with each other no doubt talking about the tournament and other matters that trainers talked about. Jack's only focus right now was to find a room. If trainers always showed up in this number whenever the tournament began surely the hotel could house them all.

"While we don't have any free rooms available we do have special policies when our rooms are limited. You can share a room with another trainer but you'll still have to pay full price."

Jack frowned, he didn't know about sharing a room with someone he had never meant but the employee had already confirmed that a majority of the rooms had been taken and that if they did have any rooms they would give them to the trainers that had already been put on their waiting list. Jack finally gave in and paid his fee. He was given his key and he proceded up the flight of stairs. The hallways were filled with trainers. Some were shouting out challenges or asking for trades. Jack moved through the crowd and finally arrived at his room. He knocked at the door and waited as he heard his roommate moving around before a teenage girl opened the door, "Hello?"

"Hi there. My name's Jack Davis. I'm your roommate."

"Oh, well come on in."

Jack stepped inside and the girl closed the door. "I heard that they were using the policy, I didn't think my room would be on the list though, still make yourself at home. Oh I'm Carol by the way."

Jack saw Carol had already let out her pokemon in the room. A charmeleon, buizel, raichu, gloom, magby, and starmie were crowded around the televion and turned their attention on Jack for a brief moment before turning back to the program. "They let pokemon out here?" Jack asked.

"Yeah, they get trainers all the time. All you have to make sure is that they don't trash the place and it's all good."

Jack nodded and opened his pokeballs. His six pokemon came out, stretched, and looked around. Just seeing the other pokemon caused Echo's face to pale as she quickly ran behind Charlie. The kadabra sighed and went over to the corner and sat down to meditate. Echo, of course, followed him. Alpha rounded up the others and began to talk to Carol's pokemon. Pretty soon the pokemon, save for Charlie and Echo, were conversing amongst themselves. Jack spent most of his time getting his things ready for the morning and got ready for bed. It was already pretty late and Carol had already retired for the evening. Jack had tried to get some information from Carol about the tournament but she wouldn't tell him anything on account that he was her competition. Jack recalled his pokemon, made sure the door was locked, and retired to bed.
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