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Originally Posted by The warden View Post
Not a long post, I would have put another event but I have to see if I catch the Yanma. BTW Red could you suggest some thing for Kitaru to do that isn't battling I've got two posts worth of ideas for battles for this route but none to go in between. If you could suggest at least a couple of ideas that would be great :)

p.s. I've typed about the same as my last post just to name the Yanma XD
Hm, not sure I understand. You want to post more on this route, battling, but you want to make even more posts in between them where you don't battle? Well, you could imagine Route 11 as being quite long and thus have to camp somewhere for the night.

Maybe meet another traveler to share campsite with?

Meet some strange bugs that play a trick on Kitaru?

Stop to rest for the night at a bee farm and help them out with something?

Maybe Yanma could prove her worth in some event?

On another note, I'll soon post the next chapter. Feborough Town! After that is Route 10 and after that is a city where the first Arena lies... and some other story-connected events.
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