Thread: FireRed hack: Pokémon Cyan [Beta 2 Released]
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Quote originally posted by Fireworks:
Story doesn't really tell much but I like the screens.

EDIT: Will there be any other Fakemon? The Sudowoodo evolution looks nice
Thanks, and yes, there will be other fakemon.
Quote originally posted by miksy91:
The story truly requires an improvement but "screenieswise", the hack seems to have potential.

By the way, is it going to be "collect gym badges and beat elite four storyline" or something completely different ? In case you're going with the regular one, make sure to add lots of special events or else it will feel like playing FireRed with new maps, tiles and stuff...
It'll be a collect the GYM badges hack, but there will be plenty of new features like the ones I listed in features, and some more.
Quote originally posted by Pokemon Trainer Kevin:
Looks pretty good, I like the first Fakémon, well designed.
I'd assume it is a Sudowoodo evolution but it's level 1.
It was so I could test it.
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