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i download the new demo i go to professor oak for myl oan Pokemon and then it crash here is waht it says

Script 'interpreter* Edited line 276:Runtime error occured.

Script error within event7 map2 (pallet town):
Exception:name error
message (eval):1`pbExecute script` uninitialized constant
***full script:
pb WILD BATTLE(PBSpecies PIKACHU-NE,5,45,false

Interpreter*Edited241:in 'pbExecuteScrirt'
Interpreter*Edited241:in 'pbExecuteScrirt'
Interpreter*Edited1585:in 'command-355'
Interpreter*Edited494:in 'execute-command'
Interpreter*Edited193:in 'update'
Interpreter*Edited106:in 'loop'
Interpreter*Edited198:in 'update'

Scene-Map:96:in 'update'
Scene-Map:94:in 'loop'
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