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I no longer need a team but if you would like to apply please PM me.

I had an idea for a pokemon game that mixes elements of many pokemon games. Ill start off simple with characters:
You: The hero

Rio: Your rival, your older sister, she cares more about glory and honor more than anything else.

Josh: Your friend, though he's a bit quirky and isn't good with pokemon.

Mr. Grindoff: An odd old man who takes a particular interest in you, you'll find out later.

Milo: Faction Leader

Tigrar: Faction Leader

Rior: Faction Leader

Tienen: Faction Leader

Erio: Faction Leader

Desden: <Evil team name> leader

Sailor Mike: You become friends with Mike after riding the S.S. Auburn boat to Palmsway city, you will battle him and he will bet you his boat and his service if you win (Late in the game.)

Starters: Sandshrew, Pichu, Chimchar, Battertree (fakemon), Spheal

Features: I definitely want this game to feature Fakemon as they intrigue me just as much as the next pokefan. I will have side quests, and another feature that I have planned out is more than one region and an interesting way to do it (I wont spoil that yet). There will be a few places where the map is affected; i.e. Fire Volcano, rain deletes fires, though if that is too hard to do I wont worry too much about it. I will also be adding evolutions to many official pokemon in the game and will most likely add certain evolutions to the starter (i.e. give Dratini thunder stone it turns into Thunder/Dragon or something). There will be factions, 5 of them, warring with each other and people will react at how you respond to questions. Also, some factions are not accessible through recruitment, but you will have to complete several tasks before invited to join. I want this game to be unique in that you aren't only striving toward one or two main goals. I want there to be different main and side quests for each faction so that the choices you make and the way you play feels unique, which in most official pokemon games, the games storyline and variation are based only on which copy you buy and your pokemon.

Gameplay: Pokemon Inferno (I changed the name to that, cant figure out how to edit post names, im a noob) will involve many of the generic traits that pokemon gamers so love, such as gym leaders, battling an evil team (though they will not be extremely important) and, of course, legendaries. I have played through a few games to get some ideas, one of the games that stood out to me most was pokemon Obsidian. It featured something new where you could play out side quests so even when the demo was over there was still an hour or two of gameplay left. That was probably one of the things that I definitely will have in this game.

Plot: Its your average day in Twirmen City, the industrial capital of the small Riko Region. You, a promising schoolboy/schoolgirl who studies in pokemon one day goes to the proffessors lab to get your pokemon, just like how your Mom and Dad and everyone else did. You walk in and ask professor (havent decided his name yet) for your first pokemon, asking for an oddish. Turns out, they're all gone. He's moving on to the field of astrophysics so he sold the pokemon for money to move to Johto, and then dismisses you saying that pokemon are a lost cause and are for small children. Enraged, you walk outside and start running when suddenly you overhear a conversation between a wealthy looking businessman and a friend of yours named Kyle (dont have him in characters because hes not important)

Kyle: Wait so if I work for you I get a free pokemon!
Man: Yes sir heres the contract
Kyle hastily signs it and the man pulls a pokeball out and hands it to kyle.
Kyle :Oh BOY!
Man: Goodbye sir
and then the man is gone, you try to follow him but get lost and decide to try and go home, but you cant find your way, suddenly you feel scared and then you see another man who is new to you
Man: Hello sir, I have a pokeball and ill sell it to you for 5$
You pay 5$ and take the pokeball and the man walks away you open it up but its empty, and then you see your older sister coming down the path
Rio: Move out of the way, i'm here for a pokemon, punk.
Follow her and you will find a house with the starter pokemon running around, catch one (it will be easy dont worry)

But first, an explanation about the war: The five leaders, listed in character section above, were once an alliance, until one day they began to poison the sea because Riko is a small region, and there was nowhere else to dump toxic waste, waste, and things of that nature. As is obvious, pokemon are sensitive to the environment, and so many water pokemon either died, mutated into grotesque creatures capable of surviving such conditions, or they evolved into land-based creatures. Eventually, the dieing sea pokemon called for help to the father of Kyogre, father of the sea, Hydrosen. Hydrosen, enraged created a hurricane that swept through the Riko region, destroying almost everything. Many years later, the world is peaceful, but the Leaders still have questions. They each devise a different plan, and realizing their differences, decide to split up into different "Factions". Eventually, Milos, one of the leaders, begins working with team <evil name here> to get the other Factions to war with each other, and meanwhile, Milo will take control of the whole region. Eventually, a war breaks out, and you can either focus this war, or you can focus on other matters (dont wanna spoil it guys).

Anyway, back to you, after a few small towns, some side quests and Vital quests, you enter a tournament in <TOWN NAME>. After winning, a few offers are made to you (KEEP IN MIND IF YOU DECLINE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO ACCEPT DIFFERENT OFFERS LATER).

And so your journey BEGINS!

Anyway, I want a lot of side quests and stuff.
I need a team and stuff, I can come up with ideas for everything, make some sprites and do stuff like that but other than that I need either an existing team to do this project with or a new one. PM me if your interested.

Credit to: Ang, Dewm, poccil, and MYSELF (jk).

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