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can i make one of the gym leaders????
totally have an electric gymleader obsession <3

( i also have an obsession with names that can be shortened to two letters)
Name: Thunder King "Tk"
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Gym Type: electric

species: Jolteon
Gender: Female
Nickname: Jole
Level: 32
Thunder bolt, Thunder Fang, Charge beam, pin missile, double kick, helping hand.

species: Electivire.
Gender: female
Nickname: Ellie
Level: 30
Thunder bolt, Thunder punch, Electro ball, volt switch, light screen , low kick

species: Raichu
Gender: Female
Nickname: Chika
Level: 28
Thunder bolt, thunder fang, Thunder punch, Discharge, Quick attack, Agility

Species: Blitzle
Gender: Female
Nickname: Blitz
Level: 24
Wild charge, Shock wave, Spark, Thunder wave, Flame Charge, Stomp

Appearance: Tk is tall around 5'11" with a small build. He has blonde shaggy hair and sports a small blonde beard on his face. He has bright blue eyes. His skin color is slightly tanned due to intense training all the time.
He dresses in Baggy sweat pants and a tank top all the time with bright yellow shoes and a baggy hoodie. He never looks professional, to say the least. One thing he always wears is a necklace and if you look closely you'll see its actually a chip off a thunder stone.( that cant be used cause its so small) But he never takes his necklace off.
Personality: He seems lethargic and lazy at first. Its quite the opposite, see Tk is like a light-bulb he turns off and on. In normal day time when he's not training or battling he's "off" . This makes him come across as completely un-serious and basically a push over. But once he clicks the pokeball open its like he's a whole new man. He enters on mode and his energy levels switch. Because of this small personality glitch people think winning against him will be easy, well they are wrong he's a very gym leader and very good in battle.
History: He grew up in the sevii Islands where he received his first pokemon. It was a small female eevee he named Jole. Soon they became fast friends on their journey. One day he was given theese two fire stones by this weird man. and he was about to allow his Eevee evolve but then some girls grabbed him. She asked him if he wanted to trade his fire stones for her two thunderstones since she wanted to evolve her eevee into a flareon. Reluctantly he said yes only because Jole seemed eager about the idea. Then he was about to evolve Jole again when the first thunder stone broke into pieces. He then took the other and evolved Jole. He decided to keep a piece of the broken thunder stone. Ever since then he was only able to train Electric pokemon successfully. but eventually he became a powerful trainer and soon was asked to be a gym leader.

will fill soon <3
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