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Quote originally posted by DarkGrey:
Minor Qualm with this thread: Can't most or all of these just be in the suggestion thread?
In short, no.

Long answer: The idea of this thread is to list, and in doing so, bring attention to all the minor issues with essentials. The suggestions thread is about making suggestion such as ideas.

So unless you consider it "I SUGGEST you fix this minor error"(Which is quite rude), no, it does not go in suggestions. Arguably these could fit into bug & Error Reporting, but it would simply clutter that thread as these are all small cosmetic bugs generally that don't warrant being posted there.

lastly the Install Fonts thing.... (really get's on my nerves enough to remove it....)
What about it? That's very vague, and the installer should be there so that the fonts will appear correctly.

I used the dirt auto tile recently and it seems to work unless I'm missing something.

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