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Originally Posted by NothingPersonal View Post
Volcarona isn't uber material (Yay, 99% of all teams have a dragonite and stealth rock). Heatran and Dnite/Mence wall it because of resisting it's STABs. The only thing they have to fear is a random Hidden Power. Just make sure you bring a solid special wall and you should be fine. If you ban Volcarona, go ahead and ban the rest of the abusive pokes in gen 5 OU.
While I'm not arguing for the ban of Volcarona, I find this argument kind of weak :/

Back in Gen 4 people said, "Garchomp isn't Uber material," "Just carry a revenge killing Weavile," "We might as well ban ___."

The problem is, Garchomp really did cause problems, especially in the sand when you often had to sacrifice a Pokemon to bring it down. Keep in mind, like I've said, I've never had problems with Volcarona, personally.

Also, Pokemon in the Uber tier aren't exactly there based on power within the tier, like the other tiers. Instead, the Uber tier is made of Pokemon deemed to powerful for OU play.