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Originally Posted by Shanghai Alice View Post

On the contrary, whenever Church personnel realize that something has gone horribly wrong, they usually openly admit it, and attempt to correct it.
Not really. Take Galileo for instance, and the inquisitions attempts to attack him in the 1630's. Took the Vatican until 1758 to over-turn the ban on books that taught the Heliocentric view of the Galaxy. It only took 300 years for the Vatican to officially realize they screwed over Galileo, as he was cleared of any "wrong doing"and a formal apology was issued by John Paul in 1992 (along with the other 2,000 years worth of abuses such as the Inquisition, The Crusades, the Witch Hunts, etc). Galileo died in, 1642.

And don't even try to brush the myriad of sex scandals under the rug.