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Quote originally posted by Cosmotone8:
Welcome all new members! Sorry I havent been on, it's been a big weekend for me because I was hosting the super bowl party. Sadly my beloved Patriots lost! *Sigh

Oh right, the topic. XD I never really got into the trading cards though I do have a few.

PS. No images of cards showing up....

I know EXACTLY what the problem is! I was changing around my Photobucket, the pictures those cards were in. I completely forgot about the pictures not displaying when used on here prior to the change!

Oh well, I guess I'm to lazy to put them back up. Moving on from the cards!

Quote originally posted by Nagaraja:
I'll bask in the glory of our legendary masters. :D

Name; Nagaraja
Partner Pokemon: Utahime the Meloetta

WELCOME!! I see we finally have a Meloetta Trainer here!!

What is it that you like about Meloetta? Which form do you prefer to have?