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Penance Malum

Penance was gasping as he held his signal up. With all the damage he had taken from Beserker just holding up a rock was proving a challenge. He managed it hold it for a few more seconds before his strength gave out and the rock fell. The Golduck groaned and forced his body to turn and face Beserker. Beserker had just been smacked by Sword and Shield and as the Aggron got up Penance could see pure rage on the Sentinel's face.

"I'll admit, you two are the best challenge I've had since that battle in Gold City. It's certainly been a while! But now playtime is over. Get ready for a real fi-" Beserker was cut off when Vigil appeared and hit him dead on with and Iron Head. The Aggron fell backwards as Vigil landed on one knee, "You'd better get comfortable there on the ground, Beserker, because you're going to be spending the whole day there!"

Penance would have chuckled if his chest wasn't on fire. Beserker got back up as Vigil gathered with them, "This Sentinel is too powerful for any one of us, but if we unite, and combine our strengths together, we can overcome him. Prepare yourselves, brothers!" It was a few moments later when the Earthquake shook the ground. Penance cried out in pain as his chest hit the floor yet again. For a brief second total blackness engulfed Penance's vision. He blinked furiously as his vision cleared. Slowly the Golduck lifted himself up. His arm suddenly felt numb, in fact all of his wounds seemed to be numbed. He felt the last of his power gather up and he realized his adrenaline was in overdrive. It was now or never.

Penance held out his good hand and forced out a water pulse. He then fired another one, and another. He fired out a total of seven before he formed his last one and began to infuse his psychic powers into it. Sweat dripped down his face and he felt his knees shaking. His stomach boiled and he felt like throwing up but he persisted until the water pulse was three times its normal size. Panting heavily he aimed right at the Sentinel, "My final stand," he whispered and threw his attack at Beserker, except it wouldn't be right to call it a water pulse. "WATER BOMB!", shouted the Golduck as he threw it right at the Sentinel. With all his spare psychic energy infused into it if it hit into Beserker it would explode not only with the energy from the water but also hit him with a good dose of psychic energy.

The Golduck groaned as he suddenly felt very tired, "Kick his a**..." he muttered before he fell with a loud thud onto the ground as he slipped into unconsciousness.