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Updates coming soon, but right now...

Forever Lost Team Positions Open

Available Positions

:: - Pixel Artist: There is always room for more pixel artists on our team. We require talented pixel artists with experience in Pokemon style to join the team.

:: - Composers: An additional composer would be a great help on this team. We need an enthusiastic music composer who enjoys writing in Pokemon style.

:: - Scripter: There is also a space on the team for a scripter who is talented in the area of RGSS and Ruby. Coding with Pokemon Essentials.

:: - General Game Developer/Co-leader: A co-leader or talented developer to work closely along side me, and to help control what needs to be done and work with the team is a big desire of mine. They need to be talented in the area of RMXP overall.

:: - Tile Artist: Someone who is talented at making tiles and who would be able to create tiles like the ones seen in the game. You would have lots of referencing and lots of artistic expression!

You are welcome to fill out this form.

Method of contact:
Proof of work in this area:

Thanks guys! I hope to see some applications, it would really be helpful to us.



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